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Florida Trans Proud: Open a State or Local Chapter


Trans Proud America (TPA), parent company of Florida Trans Proud (FTP), is very pleased to offer Charter Chapters in your area!  We need Chapters in as many parts of the State as possible.  South Florida, Central, North, Panhandle and all points in between.  We are based in Pasco and Hernando Counties, along the Gulf Coast, about 30 miles north of Tampa and St Petersburg. 

In addition to Chapters in Pasco & Hernando Counties, we have Chapters in East Pasco, Polk County, & Jacksonville.  We have several others that have expressed interest.  Our momentum is growing! 

States as far away as California, Oklahoma, Ohio, Tennessee and Georgia have expressed interest in what we are doing and how we are affecting change in our communities. 

We have seen society declining back to pre-Obama Administration in their views and attacks on the Transgender Community. We are focused on pursuing the Legislative and Political efforts to bring Equality and Human Rights Ordinances (HRO) such as the Florida Competitive Workforce Act to our State and the Equality Act passed in the US Congress.  It is a long process and will take the efforts of everyone involved.

By Chartering with FTP in the State of Florida, or as a new State with TPA, we’ll help guide you through the pitfalls we’ve experienced and learned from in the last year, share fundraising tips and tricks, walk you through the programs we have launched locally and mutually work together for the needs of your community. 

Reach out today, we all have lots to do to make our community come together and bring equality and civil rights; human rights; visibility and respect, to our communities.

Denise Johnson, Founder/President


Telephone: +1 (620) 926-0919


Mark Coron, Vice-President/CFO


Telephone: +1 (727) 748.9159


Florida Trans Proud, Inc








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